Regina Manz

Regina Manz

Master of Mediation (MM)

Regina Manz consults her mandates with the human being in his entity as he thinks, acts and feels in the main focus. For the engaged lawyer, the specialized juristic knowledge is only the basis of her work and her action. She puts herself in the situation of her clients  in order to develop the best possible solutions.

Besides legal consultation and judicial analysis, Regina Manz is especially interested in the individual and efficient conflict solutions such as mediation and Alternative-Dispute-Resolutions-Method (ADR-Method). She completed a coaching education, a master program in NLP and graduated in 2015 from Fernuni Hagen with the degree Master of Mediation (MM). Regina Manz is commercial mediator in the mediation office of IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar with main focus on commercial conflicts and conflicts around the workplaces.

To find new ways, to engage totally for the problems of the mandates and thus to find the optimal solution - these characterize Regina Manz.


After completing the education in the Faculty of Law in Philipps-University Marburg, Regina Manz completed her internship in Frankfurt am Main and founded her law office here in 1997 Regina Manz is lawyer for labor law and completed the expert lawyer education in 2013 successfully. 

She worked in the law department of a Turkish company in Germany already during her education, the company belonged to a great Turkish Holding. Hence the first business contacts arose and the main focus Turkey was opened for Regina Manz. Consequently additional locations in Istanbul and Alsbach in Bergstraße followed. Law Office Manz is represented also in Darmstadt since June 2017.

Law Office Manz is recognized as conciliation office by the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt since 2012 (in accordance with 794 Article 1 No. 1 ZPO). Regina Manz is additionally an arbitrator of the Bar Association in Frankfurt.


  • Consortium for International Legal Transactions in the German Lawyers Association (DAV)
  • Consortium for Mediation in the German Lawyers Association (DAV)
  • German Association for Mediation
  • Center of Mediation
  • Mediator Pool of IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar


  • Labor Law
  • International Commercial and Commercial Law with the specialization for:
    • Contract arrangement in the Turkish-German commercial trade
    • Consultation and support for company foundations of foreign investors in Germany and of German companies in the commercial territory Turkey
    • Debt collectionrbeitsrecht


  • Jurisdiction in individual and collective labor law
  • Legal issues in personnel department
  • Compliance
  • Soft-Skill-Manager in business field


  • Germain
  • English
  • Turkish