Liquidity is the main target for all businesses. Nevertheless, it is often the case that business partners or customers do not settle invoices on time due to recklessness or financial bottleneck. We take care of your receivable claims, process them in a fast, effective and efficient manner from the time of sending reminders, serving legal notices up to the stage of judicial enforcement.

Receivables management has been part of our core business for twenty years. In addition to Germany and Turkey, we also offer international debt collection services in Switzerland and in other European counties, in our capacity as the authorized collection agency and contract partner of SCHUFA. In this respect, we have long-standing cooperation with law firms.

Our Services:

  • Professional Reminders – We take reliable and efficient action to remind you of outstanding payments in a timely manner, in order to secure the liquidity of your company and to agree new payment schemes with your customers or business partners, and to help you avoid payment defaults.
  • Recovery of claims through our collection agencies in Turkey and Germany. We cooperate with law firms with which we have long standing relations to support us with their valuable know-how and experience so that we can collect your receivables in Switzerland and other European countries.
  • Credit ratings of your future business partners: We check creditworthiness of your customers and business partners so that you may have an idea as to whom you are dealing with. By this way, you can rest assured that you will build your business on a more secure foundation.
  • SCHUFA and business information agency. Before we start to pursue your outstanding claims, we recommend you to clarify whether the debtor is solvent. By this way, you will avoid unnecessary costs and expenses.
    We are contract partner of SCHUFA.
  • Invoicing as collection agency and billing via the Attorney’s fees tariff.

We follow up and handle your claims for you so that you can conduct your business in a relaxed and successful manner and avoid liquidity bottlenecks in the first place!

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