Traffic and Transportation Law

National und International


  • Land, air and railway transports
  • Multimodal  traffic
  • Forwarding and Logistics Law
  • Settlement of claims in case of accidents


Goods must be moving, deadlines must be met - an event of damage may have unpleasant results for the production companies, distribution companies, logistics companies or the use of company and delivery vehicles. We consult you quick and competent in the issues of insurances and the settlement of claims, in transport damages and the results of delay after accidents. Our clear purpose is to defend against unjustified claims and to enforce your rights.

We stand for a quick and efficient solution in case of accidents: We enforce your compensation claims and take care of the enforcement of refunding claims, the settlement of accidents and repair costs from the insurance company. And we overtake all of the correspondence for a quick settlement with all participants. Thus, you get your money quickly as the accident damaged, as the related repair shop or al the car dealer.

The Law Office Manz has experience for more than 20 years in Transport, Traffic and Forwarding Laws. We also represent car dealers and the related repair shops besides forwarders and companies. We represent our clients also in the defense of compensation claims.



Traffic Law:

  • Accident settlement, material and personal damage
  • Enforcement of claims against liability insurances
  • Assignment of damage claims
  • Defense against compensation claims of third persons
  • Settlement of enforceable titles
  • Car  contract  Law

Transportation Law:

  • Contract arrangement for transport contracts (Inland/Abroad)
  • Claim enforcement for commodity damages and delay damages
  • Defense against damage claims, enforcement of regress claims
  • Legal consultation, if goods are confiscated by the customs authorities
  • Air Transport Law
  • Forwarding Law, forwarding contracts


We work out the best solution together in your concern, because your success is our mission: in contract negotiations and extrajudicial dispute solutions, also in international arbitration courts. We are working flexible and competent in the traffic and transportation law with a lot of experience in Turkey and international. Because continuous further training and a high extent in special knowledge make us a to a strong partner on your side.

Our international network is your advantage!

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