Mediation - Family Law



  • Legal custody
  • Divorce
  • Joint heirs
  • Maintenance settlement


Personal hurts and muddled situations - the conflicts have a high escalation potential just in the Family Law. Therefore, a satisfactory solution for all parties or the satisfaction of the situation will be achieved rarely before a court. Additionally, the familial problems will be found very stressful from all participants. If many issues have to be settled, as usual for separations, the concerned persons will understandably be overstrained and act intuitively. This can lead to a further intensification of the conflicts.

Lawyer Regina Manz is a qualified mediator and deals with your situation sensibly. Her purpose is to achieve a good and prompt conflict solution for her client: engaged, experienced and competent!


Our support in familial conflicts:

  • Short-term mediation in a scope of 2 to 8 hours, in order to deal with the primary issues of the separation situation in a single meeting.
  • Mediation agreement during the separation in relation with the legal custody, contact, alimony, residence, sharing of the household goods.
  • Mediation agreement for the preparation of an amicable divorce (surplus distribution, maintenance settlement, maintenance after the marriage).
  • Agreements related with the results of the divorce
  • Communication and dealing in joint inheritances
  • Mediation can be a knowledge gaining for all the participants. Because
    • ethey learn helpful communication forms,
    • gain self-recognition through the clarification of the own
    • purposes,  get to know the other participants from new perspectives,
    • develop mutual understanding and sympathy through the capability for the change of perspectives.

Since conflicts belong to life, these capabilities will be at your disposal in a new conflict.

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