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Key Takeaways

Wrongful termination refers to an employee being dismissed from their job for unlawful reasons, which can include discrimination, retaliation  or breaches of employment contracts. It’s vital for employees to understand their rights and the laws that protect them from being unlawfully terminated. As legal experts in labor law, we often provide counsel to individuals who encounter such challenging situations. Navigating through the complexities of employment law requires a nuanced understanding of the legal framework and the specific facts of each case.

At Manz law firm, we specialize in offering guidance and representation to English-speaking expatriates in Germany who believe they have been wrongfully dismissed from their employment. 9 out of 10 terminations are wrongful, due to the protection against dismissal that employees enjoy in Germany. Understanding that facing termination is distressing, especially in a foreign country, we are committed to explaining your legal options clearly and supporting you through every step of the legal process. Our expertise extends to all facets of labor law, and our approach is always tailored to the unique circumstances of your situation to ensure the best possible outcome.

Overview of wrongful termination in Germany

Overview of wrongful termination in Germany

In Germany, workers are protected from wrongful dismissal through a robust legal framework. Legal recourse is available for those who’ve been unfairly dismissed, especially expatriates who might lack familiarity with the local employment laws.

Wrongful termination occurs when an employee’s contract is ended without a legal or valid reason. This can include dismissals for discriminatory reasons based on gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, or gender identity. Termination is also considered unlawful if it is a form of retaliation or harassment, or if it violates public policy or the employee’s legal rights under federal laws.

Expat and foreign worker considerations

Expats in Germany have the same protection against wrongful termination as local employees. However, the complexities of employment discrimination and understanding what constitutes a protected characteristic can be challenging for foreigners. We guide English-speaking workers through the intricacies of the German legal system to ensure their rights are upheld.

Importance for expats

For expatriates, understanding the specifics of wrongful termination is pivotal in securing justice. Facing dismissal due to an illegal reason such as discrimination or sexual harassment is daunting, and it’s crucial to know the legal steps to take. We provide the expertise to navigate such scenarios, emphasizing the importance of immediate legal consultation in the wake of potential unlawful termination.

Our expertise in labor law

Our expertise in labor law

We are committed to guiding expatriates through the intricacies of German labor law, particularly in cases of wrongful termination.

Experience and case success

Our team brings a wealth of experience in successfully representing clients in the sphere of labor law. We’ve demonstrated a consistent track record of effectively handling wrongful termination lawsuits, advocating for the rights of employees who have been unjustly dismissed. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of employment contracts and the legal claims associated with them, we ensure that the rights of our clients are upheld in accordance with German law.

Legal assistance

Our team of bilingual attorneys is equipped to offer comprehensive services in both German and English to suit our international clients. We understand the unique challenges that English-speaking employees encounter and provide clear, direct legal advice to navigate these complex situations.


We offer personalized advice on the specifics of your employment contract and the legal remedies available.


Our lawyers actively represent your interests in wrongful termination claims, ensuring a robust legal strategy.


We prioritize accessible and open communication, ensuring that our clients are fully informed at every stage of their legal journey. Our commitment to clarity and transparency is key to our approach.

Legal process for contesting wrongful termination

Legal process for contesting wrongful termination

When facing a wrongful discharge, it’s critical to act promptly. We advise our clients to:

Document everything

Record details of the termination, including conversations, written communication, and events leading up to the firing.

Review employment agreement

Analyze any contractual terms to identify potential breach of contract.

Contact human resources

Inquire about the firing, raise concerns, and request your employment record.

Collect evidence

Gather both direct evidence, such as emails, and circumstantial evidence, like sudden changes in work treatment.

Understanding the legal process

In contesting wrongful termination, the following legal avenues are key:

A careful assessment of state laws and local laws is crucial, as these can affect the claim. We guide clients through each step, from filing the initial claim to seeking possible reinstatement, lost wages, or severance pay.

How Manz law firm assists

We offer comprehensive assistance:

Our legal expertise ensures that the rights of expats in Germany are upheld in cases of unlawful firing. We stand confident and ready to assist our clients through each phase of the legal process.

Why choose Manz law firm as your lawyer?

Why choose Manz law firm as your lawyer?

We understand the unique challenges that expats face in the German labor market. Our team is proficient in English, offering comprehensive legal guidance to ensure that your rights are protected under German employment law.

Expertise in discrimination cases

We have a deep understanding of cases involving discriminatory reasons for termination. Whether discrimination is based on age, gender, ethnic background, disability, or religion, we are adept at navigating these complex scenarios to seek justice for our clients.

Familiarity with employment contracts

Our lawyers are experienced in scrutinizing employment contracts to identify any breaches that may have led to wrongful termination. We will clarify your contractual rights and work to enforce them.

Legal remedies

With our extensive knowledge of the legal remedies available to you, we craft strategies tailored to your unique situation. We aim to secure remedies that are fair and just, whether through negotiation, mediation, or court proceedings.

Support for protected activities

We stand by those who have been terminated for engaging in protected activities, such as whistleblowing or participating in a survey about workplace conditions. Protecting your right to fair treatment is paramount to us.

At Manz law firm, we are committed to defending your interests with an approach that is both confident and knowledgeable. If you’ve been unlawfully terminated, let us be your advocates in seeking the justice you deserve.

Resources and support for expats

Resources and support for expats

We understand the unique challenges that expats face in the German labor market. Our team is proficient in English, offering comprehensive legal guidance to ensure that your rights are protected under German employment law.


If your termination was unlawful, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, emotional distress, and lost benefits. Our team can assist in determining the amount of compensation you’re eligible for based on the specifics of your case.

Legal support:

Navigating a foreign legal system can be daunting. Our attorneys specialize in employment law and offer clear, knowledgeable advice on how to proceed with claims for wrongful termination, whether due to unfair practices, medical leave issues, hostile workplace environments, or unwanted sexual advances.

Employment law:

Understanding local employment laws is crucial. We offer resources that clarify your legal rights, explain protective leave, and help you navigate through company policy and employment contracts.

Unemployment compensation:

In cases of wrongful termination, you might be eligible for unemployment compensation. We’ll assist you in understanding the application process and support you in claiming your rightful benefits.


Taking legal action may be an option if you’ve been wrongfully terminated. We can guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit, including gathering necessary evidence of any illegal acts such as safety violations, employment discrimination, or whistleblower retaliation.

For assistance with your employment law concerns, reach out to us. Our commitment to expatriates working in Germany is unwavering, and we’re here to ensure your experience is as smooth and legally secure as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Employers must adhere to the contract terms and are bound by labor laws that prohibit dismissals on unlawful grounds. Termination notices should be written and may require a notice period, unless for serious misconduct.

You can file a complaint with the relevant labor law bodies. In cases involving discrimination, a report must typically be filed with an organization like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) before any lawsuit can commence.

Review the reasons for your dismissal against federal and state labor laws. Negative reactions from employers to protected activities like whistle-blowing or discrimination complaints suggest wrongful termination.

Document all communications. Consult with an employment lawyer to assess the validity of your termination and discuss possible legal actions. A lawyer for wrongful termination can support you. Secure copies of employment contracts and any performance reviews.

Eligibility for unemployment benefits usually requires that you were terminated through no fault of your own. Unlawful dismissal, lack of work, or company downsizing generally qualify you for these benefits.


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